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As we request offers with six different absence insurance providers, there is always one that is a perfect match for your business. You will receive these tailor-made offers in the mailbox within one day.

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We are convinced that a good absence insurance does not have to be expensive and complicated. Requesting offers on just takes you 3 minutes and you can accept the chosen offer online as well. Our consultants are ready to go over the offer in detail with you and provide you advice tailored for what you need.

And all this online - it can be so easy!

  • Receive minimally five offers within 24 hours
  • We will discuss the offers individually with you for a tailor-made advice
  • Our relations save on average 15% on their premium.

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8.5 / 10
Appalti B.V.
Robin WandersAppalti B.V.

We have been working with our previous insurer since September to finalize the sick leave insurance. By November, we had everything in place and were entering the acceptance phase. Unfortunately, we then received a worsened proposal without any explanation. We also did not receive a clear explanation from the insurer about this. As a result, I submitted a request on There was a quick response and contact. Given the previous experience, I was skeptical about whether the proposal would be realized. Indeed, it was. I was very pleased with this. Despite the distance, the contact feels personal.

In short: well done, and we are happy to be your customer. We have a lot of confidence in the future.

Family house Onder de Regenboog
Maxim van der VlietFamily house Onder de Regenboog
Also for small and relatively young employers

The advice process was a pleasant experience. You receive a clear advice as entrepreneur but there is also room to ask questions. And the choice is entirely up to you, there is no pressure. All this made an excellent impression on me. Your approach also works well with a small and relatively ‘young’ employer with few staff. Thanks so far and I look forward to a good cooperation!

Migrato BV
Oscar DubbeldamMigrato BV
Immediately start comparing different insurers

We have seen considerable growth as Migrato in the past years. After the start a few years ago with two foun ders, we now run a business with more than 10 employees. It was time to get some basic administrative matters in order. For our absence insurance we chose for of du Gardijn. Mainly because of the option to be able to compare multiple insurers straight-away. We did not have any experience at all with this type of insurance. So we appreciated the fast feedback in the offers based on a number of parameters. And the follow-up by telephone also really helped to guide us through the process. Especially because we had no previous experience and no insurance in place so far. Now we have a one-stop solution that works well and was arranged in no time.

Willy MentenIVM-LVM
Pleasant contact

I was pleased with the contact and the very quick answers to all the questions I had. They really focussed on my wishes and thought along for the best option. That made me decide to team up with them.

Hoveniersbedrijf Gelderland
Michel van der VeenHoveniersbedrijf Gelderland
Quick and transparent process.

A quick process; clear and transparent. They helped me out very well with everything that was not clear to me! Thanks for everything!

Installation company Vehof B.V.
Perry FaulhaberInstallation company Vehof B.V.
We now save 31% premium per year

Before our contact with our premium percentage was 4.98% via the metal and engineering industry collective agreement. The premium percentage of the offer from was 3.44%. A saving of some 31% per year!

De Nieuwe Wereld
Abigail KolfDe Nieuwe Wereld
Great assurance and advice in taking out the insurance

We were looking for a party to help us with finding an absence insurance. Vera and Rowin helped me very well. The communication was excellent all the way through the process. Even at times when I was too busy to supply the information they needed, Vera called me to see if she could help me to smooth out the process.

Techspread B.V.
Fleur BakeTechspread B.V.
Personal guidance and the right insurance in no time

Since recently I have employees in my service. So I had a number of questions but they quickly put me on the right path and I decided to request offers. I applied on Wednesday and the next day on Thursday I already received offers which we discussed. Even before the start of the weekend, I had already found an insurance.

A sick employee will easily cost €250 per day.

The chance that your business will be confronted by absence may seem small but unfortunately not all absenteeism can be prevented. In 2020, 29% of the businesses dealt with sickness absence of longer than four weeks of at least one employee.

What are the costs of a sick employee for you?

As employer, you need to continue to pay at least 70% of the wage to the sick employee for a period of two years at the most. But your enterprise will also face the costs of a replacement worker, absence management and rehabilitation costs of the sick employee.

The absence-related costs quickly add up to 2.5 times the wage. These unforeseen costs may pose a serious threat to the continuity of your business. The absence insurance offers a solid financial safety net for a risk with a big impact.

Sick leave insurance & occupational safety and health services under one roof!

You can outsource management & counselling of absence and rehabilitation to our OSH services of du Gardijn Verzuimmanagement. Our case managers are ready for our customers and their employees, together with the fixed company doctors of du Gardijn. Sick employees can rely on us for management of their absence; from the first day of their sickness up to and their rehabilitation.

For more information go to our webpage.

Avoid any surprises

Do I need an absence insurance for my business?

What are the consequences if an important employee in your business becomes sick? If you run an enterprise with max, 25 employees, you will not like the answer. An SME-business can quickly become very vulnerable by sickness absence.

Other factors such as the sector you operate in, absence history and age of personnel also play a part in considering whether an absence insurance is a good option for your business.

Is an absence insurance mandatory?

An absence insurance is not required by law but offers a good financial safety net for a risk that can have a major impact on your enterprise.

Which costs are covered by the absence insurance?

An absence insurance covers the costs of continued payment of wages for the statutory term of two years. This continued payment is at least 70% of the wage; often even 100% in the first year. A large part of the employers’ contributions can also be insured.

Do you need advice or want to discuss the absence risk in your business? We are happy to think along to find a suitable solution together with you. And if you already have an insurance and want to switch, we can take care of the entire process for you as well. Nice and convenient!